Tunnel lighting solution

Tunnels are usually used to cross the mountain through the highway. Because of the black hole visual problems, black frame visual problems and adaptive hysteresis that the driver will encounter when entering the tunnel, lighting equipment must be installed in the tunnel with a length of more than 100m. The internal lighting shall be divided into entrance section lighting, transition section lighting, intermediate section lighting and exit section lighting (if the two-way traffic may not have an exit section). For specific information, please refer to the relevant requirements for lighting in the tunnel industry standard "JTJ026.1-1999 for road tunnel ventilation lighting design specification".

The following table is only the arrangement of the intermediate basic lighting section when the speed of the tunnel is 80km/h
Related requirements Road width
2Lane 3Lane 4Lane +
Lamp arrangement spacing 10-12m 6-9m < 6m
Single lamp power < 50w 70w ± 70w ~ 100w
Arrangement Center of the top of the cave Arranged on both sides Arranged on both sides