About Angile LED Lighting

Shaanxi Angile LED Lighting Co.,Ltd developed from Xi'an Angile Lighting Co.,Ltd .Angile lighting corporation was founded in 2006.From the day established, it is engaged in development and marketing of high power LED lights. Angile lighting is the industry leader of the LED integrated packaging and the application of light industry in China.

In the past few years,Not only is in total revenue but alsoin the revenue growth, Angile lighting havebeen in the peer vanguard. In high-power lighting field, Angile lighting with the most complete product line, Include high power LED lights, lamps, factory, tunnel, factory lights, and landscape lamp light. With sound organization, strict management system, leading core technology, superb production technology, and reliable product quality laid a solid foundation for the Angile lighting brand promotion.

Based on solid strength training, looking to the future, Angile lighting corporation locking several potential field, continue to create the future with the customer, with the excellent lighting manufacturing power and cost control ability, Global illumination market demand growth, Angile lighting will create a broader market territory in LED field.

Angile Mission

Angile have been committig to making our Angile high quality products lighten every corner of the world.

It is our Angile goal that to make our Angile to be the world-class high power LED manufacturer, and to makeour Angile brand to be the world-renowened.

We have been pursuing to make our partners and customersenjoy the greatest value, and crate the future with our angile partners and customers.

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