Full support for energy

The new generation of Angile LED luminaires, with consistently superior quality and performance, provide users with high lumens with high lumens and low glare index.

As a pioneer in industrial lighting products, it has been proud of its lighting performance, quality, energy efficiency performance and even the development of network technology. Its various LED products have also been deeply loved and widely used in urban roads, workshops and warehouses. Industrial use such as road toll stations and various large venues.





Set elegant design
and excellent performance in one body

Performance In 2008, the first experiment to overcome the technical difficulties of 200W, this breakthrough has laid a foothold for Angile Lighting in the field of high-power integration

Continuous Innovation Angile Lighting has always been based on technological innovation and market-oriented. The high-quality research and development team consisting of more than 20 graduate students led by Professor Zhao Guangdian has continuously overcome technical difficulties. Product continues to innovate

Quality is in line with international standards The headquarters establishes a lighting laboratory according to international standards, and the product quality testing level is synchronized with the international standard to ensure the product quality is excellent and stable, and the factory pass rate of the products is maintained above 99.5%. /p>

Excellent Process Adhere to high-quality light sources, electronic components, materials and processes, and light-effect design requirements are generally higher than domestic energy efficiency standards