Building lighting solutions

The building is a major component of modern urban landscapes and is the main expression of a city's own charm. The lighting of the building's building undoubtedly reflects the vitality and charm of the city, but also gives the spirit and taste of the building. Commercial buildings such as supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels and even office buildings require lighting to attract the attention of customers or to guide the night. The lighting of the landscape building is to reflect the human meaning and expression of the building. Compared to the daytime or quaint, modern or fashionable external performance, the nighttime lighting is to express the building. The inner manifestation of the building gives spirituality to the building, making it alive and energetic.

Apply high-power LED floodlights to illuminate the building facade or key structure, which can not only show the overall effect of the building, but also increase the night observation intensity; use LED line lights, LED wall washers, LED bulbs Lamps and other lighting products to outline the building outline or embellish the architectural charm, so that the effect is rich and colorful, the outline is clear, reflecting the dynamic effect of the overall building, making the building vivid and visual.

The design of the building lighting should fully consider the friendliness and adaptability with the surrounding environment, and try to avoid the light from disturbing the sights of pedestrians, vehicles and the lives of residents. The floodlighting of the building's lighting should have measures to control glare. The installation of the luminaire should be reasonable. Appropriate luminaires should be selected and appropriate control of glare and dynamic lighting should be controlled.