Industrial lighting solutions

Industrial lighting is mainly workshop lighting, factory lighting and warehouse lighting, among which the workshop lighting requirements are relatively high, generally ranging from 400lx to 1000lx, factory lighting is better than 200lx~300lx, and warehouse lighting is 50lx~100lx, industrial lighting should be To ensure the comfort and safety of workers and achieve anti-glare treatment when a certain illuminance is achieved. Industrial plant lighting defines the level of conventional lighting through the details, color contrast and surface texture of the objects required for horizontal, vertical or inclined working surfaces. Reasonable conventional lighting balances the lighting levels of the entire ground and working surfaces; Pay attention to the control of glare, so that the light can be directed to the working surface without causing direct or reflected glare. A light source with comfortable light color and good color rendering can be used, and the light source can be hidden, or the light source and the grid, The reflector is illuminated in a way that is reasonably matched.

Our industrial lighting products are mainly industrial and mining lamps. The effective average illumination of different lamps at different heights is as follows:
GY150F2519GK100AL520 GY150F2519GK100AL460 GY150F2519GK100AL406
Φ520 Φ460 Φ406
Beam angle 110.6° 53.9° 127.9°
Installation height Eav(lx) Emax(lx) Spot diameter(cm) Eav(lx) Emax(lx) Spot diameter(cm) Eav(lx) Emax (lx) Spot diameter(cm)
4m 76.64 569.6 1132.81 313.8 1631 492.72 40.91 280.5 1514.74
8m 19.16 142.4 2265.63 78.44 407.7 985.44 10.23 70.12 3029.48
12m 8.516 63.29 3398.44 34.86 181.2 1478.15 4.546 31.16 4544.22
16m 4.79 35.6 4531.25 19.61 101.9 1970.87 2.557 17.53 6058.96
20m 3.066 22.79 5664.06 12.55 65.23 2463.59 1.636 11.22 7573.69