LED Plant lamp


●Product Features

  • Shorten the growth cycle: LED plant growth lamps increase the effective illumination time, can shorten the plant growth cycle by one-third, and increase the yield by about 50%;
  • No pesticides are used: there is no infrared light or ultraviolet light in the spectrum of LED plant growth lamps. Generally, insects do not survive in this environment and thus do not use pesticides;
  • Three-quarters of water saving: LED light without infrared light does not produce moisture evaporation, so water consumption is small in the plant growth period;
  • Continuous lighting can change the way plants absorb nutrients: the nutrients that allow plants to absorb carbon dioxide from the air without the use of fertilizers;
  • Fruit and vegetable flavor and good taste: the leaves of the plants are plump and sturdy. Due to the long light time, the vitamin and sugar content is increased, and the commerciality is greatly improved;
  • Adjustable plant supply time: Plant growth lamps induce plant growth, and can be used in advance, fruit and vegetable time to market.